Project Ideas

Hi guys,
I received my Arduino Starter Kit the other day and I need some ideas for a project. I know my way around with Arduino and only really bought the kit so I could have all the parts it comes with! So I am a little experienced. Does anyone have any really cool or neat project ideas that I should do?? Thanks!

Do you have any other hobbies that could be enhanced with some equipment controlled by an Arduino? Fish tanks, fish ponds, model railways, model aeroplanes, beer brewing, gardening, photography and many others show up here. Or you could trawl through the "Instructables" website for ideas. There's a couple of hundred Arduino projects there.

Do you like robots? You can build a line follower, it's kinda simple and fun to build, plus it's a robot!

Thanks guys! Ill look into them!

Do an IoT project. It'$ cool!