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Hello everiting staff Group !!!!

I'm Luciano i come from Italy Milan and also i would like to realize my project but i've a lot of problem to start good because i've not enaught strument to create correct step to encrease level of my instruction. I had to create this message because i would like that anyone listen me and help me to resolve my little problems. I think my project isn' t too difficult for your team because for someone that work every day with this problem i think is normally to resolve a lot of problem but for me that i have not enaught experience i encounter some problem and for this reason i'm not to be able to resolve at this moment. I think in a future your team can resolve this program together , for this reason this problem consist to develop one program in some lenguage installed on Graspberry PI ,if is possible but also i think is possible inArduino board. This board has o lot library but i don't know wich is the best lenguage i can use to realize my project This board with correct driver installed i think can connect by wifi to a camera and capture any image from server that is connected camera . This board i don't know if is enaught powerfull to elaburate the image that are captured from server with OCR feature library , extrapulate some information like number or letter and assign these information to variable of my program . When i've resolved this problem i can elaburate and comparate these informations with data stored in a database and than i can trigger an event like email or sms . I'm very happy if anyone can help me to realize together this project because i've studied java about two years ago , i have no problem to start and study this lenguage or similar because i know O.O programmation but i'm not an expert like your team. If anyone can help me to learn me how i can do to start with correct step and also if this board is enaught powerful to work properly because i think there are some problem like hard elaburation CPU and also so much and strong operation to elaburate this information stored in a memory. Thank you very much . :cold_sweat:

It may be better if you post this in the Italian section of the forum in order to avoid problems with language preventing understanding your problem and giving advice.

This project i think isn't too difficult to understand because i wolud like to use Arduino board to connect by wifi one camera and capture any image from this camera . When i've stored in a folder this image i would like to use one program that import particular library that can use OCR feature for elaborate this file because i want to extrapolate any information from these files like number or letters so i can assign this data to a variable of my program. I'm not an expert and for this reason i would like to know more information in this environment, i would like to know witch lenguage is possible to use over this board because i know some lenguage but i think isn't ok for this board so i think is necessary one lenguage similar C but i'm not sure because i'm not an expert My program that i want to realize i would like to use one lenguage that is abilitate to use database because i want to comparate the data in a variable of my program with data stored over an database. This data stored in a database comparated with data extrapolated from image can trigger any event like sms or email , for this reason i think is necessary to connect this board with module Gsm to use this protocol comunication if is necessary to send any SMS to a cellular smartfone or similar . I hope isn't particular complicate to understand this project but i think is complicate to realize , i don't know if is enough powerful this board to satisfy all of these resource I know this project is particular ambitious and i don't know if is possible to realize but i'm happy if anyone can helpme to resolve this problem. I'm sorry if in a previous message i have not been clear ! I hope i was clare now ! Thanks !

If is too hard work for this board because there are too device connected i think is possible to use serial port to send data to other board to elaborate this informations . I'm not an expert so i' immagining a possible alternative . I ' m very grateful if anyone can explain me if this project is possible or if is too hard goal because i think to elaborate any image i think there are a lot of problem like strong CPU elaboration and so much memory necessary to work properly . Thanks !

Hi esa102108, and welcome.

The answer by UKHeliBob was a very polite way of telling you your question is very hard to understand because it seems like you have translated Italian words to English words in a phonetic way.
That means to you the sentences sound like English, but they are difficult to understand to other people that speak other languages.

No doubt you are doing the best you can to compose English messages, and personally i do appreciate anyone who tries.
But you’ll probably be better off by asking your questions in the Italian forum avoiding “Babylonic” (language) trouble.

This is what is sometimes referred to as “Engrish”.
Engrish messages can be Googled and are quite popular because of the sometimes very funny results.

Can you explain me if is possible to connect the Arduino board to a video camera and capture images over this device ?
Can you explainme if is possible to use this board to elaborate this file like jpeg or bmp to extrapolate any informations like letter or numbers with OCR feature ?
I bope you understand me i think isn’t difficult to interpretate this informations.
Thanks !

No. To all the questions