project in NY area


I'm looking for someone in the NY area beginning of June to program the electronic part of a sculpture. I would like to modify a standard trigger interface with an Arduino , so instead of being triggered automatically or manually it is triggered through a computer through a live feed or sensors, still finalizing the project. Please get in touch if you have the experience and in the NY area.

Thank you,


Why does the person programming the Arduino need to be in New York? Why would that person want to wait until June to start writing the code?

it is triggered through a computer through a live feed or sensors

A "live feed" of what? Which sensors are you going to attach to the computer?

still finalizing the project.

Seems too early to be posting, then.

Hi PaulS,

I would rather find someone close as there are some mechanical parts that have to be looked at, but maybe it can work remotely as well. I will think about it.


ill be back in NYC October :/

you can email me if you want to chat and i work remotely. heres all my portfolio material :

Here are some examples of my work using Arduino/Raspberry Pi: &

Also my Github:

Where in New York?