Project Interactive Installation

Newbie here and I need guidance through my project.
I have a project with interactivity, 4 led screens that would be connected to pressure pads on floor and when one human or two step on one/two pressure pads they will trigger a specific animation.
I'll attach a set up scheme for more details.

Looking forward technical part, I need to know what pressure pads and connectivity will be good for this. And also the project was made in Touch Designer, in need of guidance through connecting it to pressure pads.

And also the project was made in Touch Designer,

What is Touch Designer ?

Have you written a short program to make your Arduino control one of the LED panels?


Pressure pads that don't exceed 5V, or work with 5V input... Or an external buffer circuit that converts the pad voltage to 0-5V basicaly, or prevents overvoltage... if you use a 3.3 arduino, then its 3.3V... Are the pads piezoelectric or switch type... If you hook them up to didital pins they will trigger the pin at much lower voltage but it mustn't exceed arduino voltage.