Project involving Bluetooth between two Arduino MEGA's

Hello everyone!

I'm new to this forum and its ways, but I will try to be as specific as possible.

I'm building a setup for electric vehicle charging, so supply equipment and a simulation of a vehicle communication- and charge-controller. There are three layers to the project: 1: The power circuit (circuit breakers, power lines, etc) 2: Basic communication, using a PWM signal on an extra wire in the supply-equipment-to-vehicle-coupler (special cable like this: There is more going on but that does not really matter here. 3: Wireless "High-Level Communication" ("HLC") (as per ISO/IEC 15118). This is new.

I wanted to enable 'retrofitting' so the old charge points are still usable, even without implementing HLC, as this is key for availability of charging infrastructure. So basicly, charging will start using the PWM and basic signalling; if HLC is available in the vehicle, a connection should be established so more detailed information can be exchanged. (if it is much more simple to set the method to basic or high-level in advance, and stick with it, then this would also suffice)

Now for my questions: I want to use an RFID scan (using at the supply equipment to get the Bluetooth adress of the vehicle. then, while charging and if available, a (Bluetooth) connection must be established with the other Arduino. Is it possible to set the adress of the slave for the master module (listed below) to page? The Supply equipment should only connect to one decided node, not in an ad hoc fashion like BT would normally. Does anyone know of any good libraries/example code/... ? I can't seem to find any good ones for these specific modules. I used the EasyTransfer library ( to transfer data between the MEGAs' using their UARTs for testing. Can I still use this or a similar library?

I have ordered these modules: xbee HC-05 (set as master or slave): an xbee shield:

I realize these are a lot of questions, and probably a bit vague, but any help or thoughts from a more experienced user are very welcome, so thanks in advance! I'm happy to elaborate if there are any questions :)

Best regards, Aaron