Project involving TENS machine.

Hello, i am a student at london south bank university doing product design and currently doing my major project. My project is using a TENS machine type of product to reduce chest pain.

There will be three parts to this product; the device worn by the user, the redesigned TENS unit and a remote.

I am finding it hard to do the coding and how to connect everything up as i am brand new to Arduino and electronics so i do apologise if i start talking nonsense lol.

I have a Arduino UNO which will be connected to the TENS circuit board with a bluetooth chip. I want this unit to be controlled by a separate remote which communicates the data through bluetooth.

Does anyone know how to do the coding for this? I have some basic coding that lets ne control the brightness of a led from the movement of the mouse on my computer but ideally i would like to control pulse width, pulse rate and power intensity from the remote.

Thanks :)