Project involving weight/pressure sensors placed in clothing - bluetooth

Hey all! I've literally been researching this all day and have just found myself more confused than I was when I started out and I'm afraid that I'll end up buying multiple items that do the same thing. I have a project that involves measuring the pressure/weight applied to a few different sensors which will be placed in an article of clothing. It would also have to communicate via bluetooth as the person wearing this could not be tethered. I'm pretty sure that I found sensors that would work but could someone recommend what I would need to buy to have a complete setup for this? Any help is SO appreciated!!!

Hi, where about in the clothing are you measuring and what is the overall concept of the project.

Tom... :slight_smile:

Hi Tom! The sensors would be placed at 3 different spots in a pair of pants to measure how much pressure is being applied to another object by the thigh, knee and calf individually. Thank you!