project measured the temperature of truck tires

I wanted to create a project on the measurement of temperature on the back of a truck tire uses arduino uno, I have read some references, and it led me to use the MLX90614 sensor.

how the distance and the effective width of the sensor MLX90614? What measurement can be influenced by dirt and rain?

please give me advice about Infrared pyrometer sensor suitable for arduino uno

thank you

You can probably interface just about any sensor to an Arduino, don't know which is best sensor. THink the biggest issue is keeping rain and dirt off the sensor as much as possible. Will probably want to aim sensor at the sidewall, not tread, which would keep it out of the direct path of water flying off the treads.

They cost about $6 on eBay, worth a try? Get the sensor dirty and see how it does, it is the 'color' of the photons it gets that say temperature isn't it?

Perhaps put it at one end of a tube pointed at the tire and blow clean air through the tube as well to keep dirt and water out?