Project missing files

Hi there I found fingerprint lock using servo project but on this site


when I download the code file it say it does not have any library.

can some body help please.

What library is it missing? Google the name of it, then down load it and install it.

Instructables are crap and should never be used unless you know more than the person writing it. Never you it to learn stuff because you will be learning g wrong stuff.

Ha, I just started reading that Instructable. Written by a Chinese guy with a whole two weeks Arduino experience.
And some of his instructions are ridiculous. For instance:-

@mazaid, don't do this. Find the libraries and install them in the "libraries" folder in the default sketchbook location on your hard drive. (Usually "\Sketchbook\libraries". The default location will be shown in >File >Preferences. )

The adafruit fingerprint library is a part of the download from the Instructable, located in the "libraries" folder of the zipped download folder that also contains the code. There's also a "Streaming" library that needs to be installed.
The other libraries that the code needs should already be installed. They come with the IDE:- "EEPROM", "SoftwareSerial" and "Stepper".