Project - Monitoring Water Tank


I want to create a project where by I am able to monitor the water in my home tank using my mobile. I do have Aruduino UNO with me. Just need your support to start the project. I was researching on various water sensor available, wanted to know which sensor would be suitable for this purpose from stability perspective. Any ideas?


You need to fill in the gaps.

What kind of tank? fish tank, header tank, hot water tank?

Monitor what? water level, temperature, flow rate, oxygen level?

Its a underground water tank (2000 liters), which is having normal temperature. & I want to monitor the water level.

I use a pressure sensor on the ouput pipe to monitor water level in the tank. As long as there is no flow, the pressure is linearly proportional to the height.

thank all

A lot of people have used utrasonic sensors to successfully detect the water level of tanks. It has the advantage of being easily calculable.

We really need more information to help you. Kens advice about ultrasonic level measurement is one good way. Other possibilities include static water pressure (.43 psi / foot of water above the sensor), floats if you only want high and/or low levels etc... Another thing that makes a big difference is how accessable is the tank and its piping? Is there a hatch on the top, a pipe bung, is it pressurized (sealed) or is it a catch basin (open to atmosphere). There are other questions but I think I have asked enough for now :smiley: . A simple drawing, with elevation, depth and tank dimensions would also help.


my problem is if it rains too much it goes under water… oops

I’m now wondering how tolerant these things are to being occasionally dunked?

I would avoid it, mine is a rainwater reuse underground concrete tank
I made a box as water tight as i could, but the horns have to poke out
it has flooded twice, i removed, cleaned and dried both times, but last time
green showed up where copper used to be on the circuit board, but it still works

More robust than I would have expected then. Sounds like an ideal candidate for potting compound.

Just use ultrasonic sensor, I recommended HC-SR04 detect from 3cm to 4m only if you used the latest library, anyway underground tanks have problems with humidity, at night or cold whether you will have different musreing, but not a big deal, anyway this is the better idea and the simplest I found, and very stable, I am using the same way for my tanks from 1 year without any problem, and by the way don't worry about the sensor, just cover the bourd very well, if you need any help with coding just let me know :wink: