Project on Bluetooth remote (home automation)

Hi everyone, I am an engineering student. I and my team are trying to build a blue tooth remote for a electronic appliance in home such as TV, DVD player, radio etc. so that a user can control the appliance with this blue tooth remote from another room or distant place compared to the natural IR remote. Your views on this project (has anybody tried this one?) and suggestions in proceeding my project will be appreciated. Regards, Gobind Gopal

or distant place compared to the natural IR remote.

...but not very distant (even Class 1)

Can't think why you'd want to control a TV from somewhere you can't see it.

well i just used TV as an appliance that can be suited to this project, that's all,maybe there might be somebody who want that, you never know. And i said distant compared to ir remotes. Thank you for your reply.

The components to do that are all there....

There is a very good IR library here:

and I have found connecting up a Bluetooth module like the Bluesmirf is pretty straightforward (there are cheaper alternatives).

A good use of this might be the cool factor of allowing your phone to control the TV when the original remote has been eaten by the dog ;)

mobile phone to control home appliance is an interesting idea(with Bluetooth technology). But has anybody tried this out? ; because we guys want to make something new. Thank you all.

because we guys want to make something new.

I would be really surprised if someone hasn't done this. The only question is how well publicised it is. And, you can always do it better.

There is very little that is truly new.

Hi, I already made something like this, but with ethernet instead of bluetooth. The advantage of ethernet over bluetooth is that webduino can be interfaced with webpages and the remote can run thru local wifi or over internet. The remote can be any mobile device (laptop or smartphone) Regards

I would like to create java application for transmitting Bluetooth signals? What are the specifications to be included in the program? We are planning to receive these transmitted signals in RN-42 Bluetooth module. Do we have to program to get this signals in the module?