Project Power Supply

I'm not very familiar with power supplies but need to design one that fits my projects needs. I need it to supply three different voltages, 5v, 12v, and 24v. It also needs to have a "backup" battery so it go mobile at any moment. I need at least an amp for each, just to be safe. Any ideas?

Oh, one more question, should I isolate the power supply for each device even though they run on the same voltage?

Use three dc to dc SMPS boost/buck connected to a battery.

You have to calculate the battery capacity needed for your application and get a battery charger for it.

So the line voltage goes to the battery charger, and the buck converters go to the battery?

Line powers the battery charger, connected to the battery, connected to three converters, O/Ps connected to your three loads.


buck conversion from 24 to 12 or 5 is easy and cheap with LM2596 modules, which would
suggest a 24V system voltage - however that may impact battery cost. If any of the loads
are motors you will need to consider stall currents - most power supplies will shutdown on
current overload, which doesn't work with motors.