Project: Programming arduino uno + accelerometer to make a call, need help.

I'm doing a project to make an arduino uno and a accelerometer make a call when it senses a sudden spike in movement. I am relatively new to coding therefore i do not have have the knowledge required to make this, I can do it with a motion sensor but i do not know how to do it with an accelerometer, i am able to hook up the accelerometer and get it to function but i do not know how to program it for when there is a spike, if there is anyone willing to help me it would be much appreciated.

It's going to look a lot like the motion sensor code. Somewhere in there is an if statement that handles if motion is detected. You need to write some code to read your accelerometer and then use that value in the if statement.

You'll find that you'll get a lot better help if you spell out requirements precisely and post what you've tried so far. It's a lot easier to help you fix your code than to try to start from scratch.