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Hi i am brand new to Arduino and I have a project where i want to monitor the depth of the water in a time rate. It would then be able to responed to the lack of movement by alerting either though light or sound.

So for example: water is in a cup and you have taken a sip and then put it down. 10mins go past and the depth of the water is still at the same level so then the senor would pick up on that an alert the person to drink from that cup again.

i am just wondering if this possible and if so how this process uses the same sort of mechanisms in a smart washing machine which uses pressure sensors

thanks Hink

You need to be more specific about what you are doing. Are you actually trying to measure if someone has taken a drink lately or is that just an example? How to plan for the project will depend on exactly what you’re doing because measuring water consumption in a cup will be quite different than a pond or pool.

you could maybe measure the weight, or use a force sensor or pressure sensor, or u could put electrodes in different heights to open a circuit when the water left that height, you could use level/floating sensors positioned at different heights

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hi i am not attempting to messaure the depth in a pond or a pool i am trying to messaure the depth of someones drinking cup to determine if they have taken a drink from a cup lately. this project is to combat dehydration in elderly homes as it is a raiseing problem.

so what i am trying to make is a chip and sensors that runs down a cup that is able to monitor the diffent level of the water in a cup so for example you have takne a sip from a cup and left it for 5mintues and do not drink from it the sensor will pick up on that at alert you to drink from the cup again though light or sound.

how do u reckon i would achieve that lax123 seems to have an idea of a pressure sensor to messure the weight i dont understand the electrode comment how would that work

thanks for the help.

his process uses the same sort of mechanisms in a smart washing machine which uses pressure sensors

I think some washing machines use the rise in air pressure of the space above the water to measure the fill depth (certainly a Zanussi I used to have worked like that). This is simple in a sealed system, but tricky for a cup. There was a very similar problem posted on the forum last week, but I don't know what became of it - you could maybe search for it.

well did you ever go to the dentist and they have a cup that will be fill, and as the cup get filled, it will automatically turn off the tap? i think that if you use the same idea but instead of using just a normal switch use a force resistor under the cup. it might not be accurate enough but maybe it might work for your application.

with those electrodes its like putting two cables into the water, you get a connection, once the water is below that lvl u will open the circuit. but would not be a good idea for ur cupstuff.

with that pressure: imagine it like this: the cup is standing on some sort of small ballon, or maybe the end of a syringe. to that ballon or syringe u attach a pressure sensor. Depending on the weight of the cup the pressure value changes.

another type of sensor: maybe measure acceleration of the cup, so you know a sip was taken but not how much

The easiest way to do this would be to weight the cup. Fill it with a set amount and set the sensor. Now depending on how good your sensor is, will determine whether or not the person took a sip. The more accurate the sensor, the better the results.

Now you can't start measuring the cup as soon as they put it down, because the vibration of the liquid will distort your measurements. You would have to wait about a minute for the liquid to calm down, and then measure it.