Project RC Robot car shopping list, hints and pointers appreciated.

Hi all,

My oldest son was bugging me to build a robot and I'm pretty good with discrete components so I've build him a line folowing robot with two LDR's and a comperator cirquit.

But that wasn't what he ment. ;D

I have some experience with copying Arduino projects, but none building one of my own. I thought building a 1 on 1 copy and then taking a stab at adding more stuff.

So being a good dad I ordered some stuff and was curious if I have everything covered. So If you have an addendum, please point it out.

-Build platform, I have some copper clad FR4 PCB material left.
-2x geared high torq motors 5-27V DC

  • Arduino uno
  • L298p r3 2A Arduino uno motor shield
  • HC-05 BlueTooth master/slave
  • ESP8266 ESP12E module
  • SX1276
  • 868 helical antenna
  • HC-SR4
  • 4S Li-Ion protection board
  • 16850 battery holder
  • 16,8V Li-Ion charger
  • 12mm brass Hex motor to wheel couplers
  • DC power plug
  • FR4 prototype bord (I don't like breadboard)
  • 2,54mm stackable headers

Still things to order:

  • RC ofroad 1:10 wheels
  • "third" swiflewheel
  • 18650 Li-Ion cels

At first I'm planning for a basic smartphone controlled RC car robot. For Android there is an app "Arduino Bluetooth RC car" that cuts the mustard. But for IOS I found GoBLE Bluetooth 4.0 Controller, wich isn't that elaborate as the Android equivalent.
And as my son has an IOS phone/tablet, I'm still looking for a more elaborate app that not only get it to move around. But also can sound the horn and switch on/off lights, so when anyone can mention one?

Helpfull "have you looked at this" links are appreciated. :slight_smile:

… Helpfull “have you looked at this” links are appreciated. :slight_smile:

Have you looked at this?

Lots of ideas in there, mostly incomplete/not exactly what you want, but very hackable.

Nice remote, emagine that is with an extra HC-05, an Nano and several knobs and switches. An idea I'll surely keep in mind.

The general idea is that path or roadmap ends with "swarm follows leader", to keep him busey next couple of years.. That reminds me, I've got a Ublox serial GPS module laying around somewhere