project relate to queuing , detecting people and

Hi everyone , i'm new to electronic engineering and i hope to build a system to count the approximate queuing people in the line .My idea is to use passive infrared sensor pairs. One install in the ceiling and one on the ground. With three or more pairs of sensor as the input which the system then can compute the approximate queuing people.

Is it possible to do it on arduino?

Furthermore, i wish that the data can display on the internet web .

Sorry for my poor english.

You should do some research and experiments with PIR sensors before committing to use them. They are quite unreliable and not very discriminating. Using them to count people would be a difficult challenge.

Some lines may wiggle around a bit. Sometimes people don’t stand right behind each other. Some people may be in line with friends or kids who aren’t actually going to use the service at the front of the queue. I think this would be very difficult to do with almost any sensing technology unless you have a very regimented, predictable line.