Project - Securing Data Transfer in IoT Device

I’m been given a project to secure data transfer in some way from an IoT device and to do this I’ve been working with the mkr1000. I used the temperature sensor to transmit data to a database using Firebase and now I’ve been instructed to “expose the data” in some way. I assume this means to find a vulnerability in the data in transit where it could potentially be attacked and then be protected. Being relatively new to this I was wondering if anyone had any idea how I could do this. What tools I could use to maybe sniff the network when the data is in transit, etc. Any help appreciated.

It can also mean you have to make it available to other parties.

Maybe you should go back and ask your instructor about what they want you to do.

I'm quite confident this is what he meant. I've tried emailing which is the only form of contact when not in class but he's quite absent with it and I want to make some progress on this now

In that case this is definitely out of the scope of this forum. It's got nothing to do with Arduinos or related microcontrollers.

If you want to break some kind of security, you'll anyway first have to figure out (or define) what this security is.