Project: Sensor Reads Light and Output Puts Out Corresponding Voltage

I wanted to create something that would detect green laser light rays and output voltage (or something measurable) based on the light that is read. Is this something I can do with Arduino? I have never worked with anything like this; suggestions on items/components to use would be appreciated.

Thank You

Yes sounds almost trivial. Use a light dependant resistor, read it from the analogue port and output a number on the PWM output.

You will need two sorts of filter. A low pass filter to turn the PWM signal into DC. And more expensively you need an optical filter to remove all but the light from the laser. The sort that works best is a thin film interference filter. Although if you don't care about stray light just use some green film.

[u]LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) Example[/u]

[u]Phototransistor Corcuit[/u]

In either case you'll probably need to experiment with different resistor values to adjust the sensitivity range.

I will also help to add a short pipe or tube to block light from the "wrong" angle (assuming you are shooting the laser directly into the sensor).