Project: sensor that triggers a stepper motor

Project: sensor that triggers a stepper motor

I want connect to Arduino a Sensor Sharp Distance Sensor 2Y0A21 (10-80cm)
that functions as a switch on/off to a stepper motor.
The motor start when the sensor detects something and stop after 10", the engine should have an initial acceleration and deceleration final if possible.

I wish it switch off after 5 minutes and restart to operate if the sensor detects something.

I have:
Arduino ONE
Sharp sensor
Big Easy driver
Stepper motor

I'm a beginner and I think it is not simple to do... :astonished:
someone can help me to get a right sketch?



sto provando a sviluppare questo progettino ma essendo un neofita nel campo... avrei bisogno di qualche consiglio.
Vorrei che un Sensore di distanza Sharp
lavorasse come interruttore on/off per far girare un motorino stepper: il sensore da il segnale, il motore incomincia a girare per 5" e poi si ferma(magari partenza con accelerazione e fine con decelerazione).
Quando poi il sensore viene nuovamente stimolato succede la stessa identica cosa.
vedendo che la scheda Big easy driver si surriscalda facilmente...sarebbe bellissimo se dopo alcuni minuti di inattività tutto si spegnesse per poi ripartire se il sensore rivela qualcosa.
difficilissimo? io ne capisco ancora pochissimo ...

Do you know how to program with C-language?


just using arduino preset ...

Well, what do you think that would be a good start?

You will get help with your code problems (that has something to do with arduino)
once you have started your project, before that, learn the first steps.
There are good examples waiting within the IDE.


Bipolar or unipolar stepper? (I hope you dont mean a servo mechanism)

there are tons of driver ICs out there now that make this task a matter of: a sensor, a PWM, an enable disable, and a directional flag.
I had a real nice one a few years back I gave it to a friend, and don't recall the part number. :frowning:
But, I usually look for Maxim ICs because they do parts sampling.. (free parts for students and development engineers! woot!)
A chip like the one at this link:

is what I am thinking of. many exist. Its an H-bridge.

This link I thought was a nice block diagram, with a unipolar stepper configuration