Project stopped working between Uno Bread Board to ATTiny 85

So I'm very new to programming and hit a bit of a wall in the final steps of a project that I haven't been able to quite get to completion.

I have a custom LED wearable project that I've been working on for a while, and I got my project working just how I want it on a bread board, I then tried to transfer it onto the ATTiny and suddenly half of what I've been trying to do stopped working.

The general goals are 2 fold:

  • a rotary encoder turning changes the hue of the NeoPixels
  • Pushing the encoder switches the effect, but the effect still allows for hue to change.

As I said I got this all working no issue on the bread board, but once I moved it to the ATTiny, the turning to change the encoder stopped working. The only reasonable difference I can distinguish is that I was using pin 0 and 1 on the arudino, and while I'm using the same pins on the Tiny, these are now PWM pins according the pinout I found.

So my question is should the fact that these pins are PWM useable mean that they can't get used as inputs, or that

pinMode (SPIN_CCW, INPUT);

is not valid for these pins?

I realize I may not be giving enough information to actually answer this, so please let me know what other things I can provide.

Below should be the pin out I found for the Tiny

What core are you using for the tiny85? I prefer the ATTinyCore core. It is the best and easiest to use of all that I have tried.

Pins 0 and 1 are regular GPIO pins and should work with your encoder the same as the Uno.

If you want more help, post all the code. Read the forum guidelines to see how to properly post code and information on how to get the most from this forum.
Use the IDE autoformat tool (ctrl-t or Tools, Auto format) before posting code in code tags.

Describe what the code actually does and how that differs from what you want.

Post a schematic that shows all components and their part numbers and/or values.

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