project suggestions with a laptop lcd panel?

hello everyone,

sad to say, but my lenovo t61 decided to go kaput. motherboard fried. less than 3 years of existence. grr.

but, on the plus side, i have some cool components to play with! in particular, has anyone been able to interface the arduino with large lcd panels? the panel i have is an lg/philips lcd panel, part # lp154w02 (tl)(06).

i read that the arduino doesn't have that much memory to handle a full color lcd panel. anyone have any cool project ideas?

thanks all!

Use the backlight as a light table?

Most realistic answer: put the LCD on eBay, lots of people buy repair parts for their laptops. Use the money to buy more cool Arduino stuff!

Laptop LCDs are notoriously difficult to interface to. Very little success has been reported on the web, and many people have tried. I think the idea of selling the parts is a good one!

lots of people buy repair parts for their laptops

You could buy a used motherboard on eBay and become one of the ebay people who by repair parts? ;)