Project - testing a USB2.0/RS232 cable with Arduino Mega

there is a saying that the more accurate the information
the less room for questimation.

and that the answers speed and accuracy directly relate to the questions speed and accuracy.

post #13 and post #19 sum up the project.

post #14 has the essence of your answer.

one UNO sending the data into the cable
a second receiving and replaying. they both can be connected to a display to show % of signal loss or # of bits sent, speed etc.

you can send data, pictures, files, etc. when you look at the pictures you can send to an OLED, you can see how to store and send that data.

"USB to UART cable Supports +3.3V UART signals" this requires a 3v3 signal. I would recommend a 3v3 board and not a 5volt to 3 volt converter

  • Data Rates: 3MBaud
    do you have a required rate ? or just testing to that rate ? do you need to push data faster to see when it fails ?

Thank you for your.
I don't have a rate requirement. I just want to test the cable transmission and know if the FTDI module works.
The idea of using two Arduinos is interesting and I thank you for that. But I was thinking of using only one Arduino if possible.

Using a PC or indeed, a Raspberry Pi would be vastly simpler. :roll_eyes:


Time to stop guessing and wondering.
Try it and see what you can do.

The problem with one is that it cannot both listen and transmit.

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Hello to all,

First of all, I thank you for your help and I would like to apologize for my ignorance of the forum's functioning and its good practices.
I'm coming back to you because after contacting FTDI, they advised me to use the VNC2 chip which acts as a USB Host. This allows me to send a serial frame to the VNC2 chip and the latter sends the frame in USB protocol.
I have attached a picture of the system I imagined after learning about this chip.

I thank you again for your time and help. Solution

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Thumbs up for stopping back with an update.

I hope you found a workable solution for you needs.