Project thank tank. Any Suggestions, comments?

Guess I should start by letting you know that I am a novice with big ideas :). I come from the computer database world (what about a Arduino Database Server? anyone build one LoL A Massive Array machine LoL) and have always wanted to get into electronics and robotics. In comes the Arduino :) making it possible for a novice like me to play.

I was wondering if it is possible to communicate via Xbee to Xbee? Any resources? I am not limited to Xbee, I just figured this is what I should try.

Planning a project to take sensor data from several room sensors using Xbee's and have a central unit with Xbee maybe store to SD and display on LCD. I have prototyped on a solder less board temp and humidity DHT22 to 16x2 LCD which scrolls from right to left both lines which is cool. I have barometric sensor on its way. Playing with better LCD's but would like to take it to the next step with wireless and separate sensors and display/logger. I have currently a Arduino UNO R3 and the Arduino Duemilanove.

The end goal could be a home heat/cooling/humidity controller if the sensor logic is handled via wireless units then I can send commands or strings over Xbee to a central unit that can handle display and triggers. It would be nice to make the sensors smaller and not require a whole Arduino which I have seen a few examples of taking the chip off but a little complicated. Again, if I can get the wireless part down I might take that step to build wireless sensors with removable chip.

After I have it all prototyped I might try designing a board doing my own etching or get someone to help me.

Perhaps the smarter guys might have other applications for something like this :). Conceptually, if you can pass commands via something like Xbee wireless then the possibilities are almost limitless as you could then team these up to perform countless operations and maybe even integrated in the home network and home automation systems.

Anyway, I want to remove the need for a PC except for reprogramming, I shouldn't need one. Perhaps down the line a web interface with upload-able sketches but that's a long ways down the road at this point and if I understand would require a few extra pieces outside of the default Arduino.

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Thank you for the kind explaination on search, I have been doing research as you suggest and will continue. Perhaps so far it is my lack of experiance getting in my way and I will keep hunting and drudging through the learning process.