project thoughts - what to do ?

Hello ,
I want to build a 2 windows sensor (so I will know if they are open\close)
I have ask here before and got a lot of help and make my ESP8266 work with 1 .

now I have bought a esp07 - and my thinking is to connectd up to 2 more sensors (and maybe a LCD display)
what whould you recommand ?
use the ESP8266-esp 07 as is and upload on it the all code ?
or to use a pro-mini with the ESP? (and leave the ESP8266 work in AT mode?)

Thanks ,

What version of the ESP8266 did you use for your first window? And did you use an Arduino with it?

Do you want to implement the additional window with the minimum of effort or do you want to use it as an opportunity to extend your Arduino / ESP8266 skills?

What sensors are you using?

And, can you see how we would have answers to the first and last question if you had continued with your previous Thread rather than starting a new one?


this is a new idea that I have
so it has no connection to the previous thread - I can promise this :slight_smile:

on my first project I only used a ESP8266-01 (that have only 2 GPIO ) , and a window sensor , without an Arduino . so I have upload tha all code to him.

now I have bought the 07 - which have more GPIO.

I want to create a small alarm system - that will connect to 2/3 windows and a LCD i2c display
this will send a push to my phone and show a message on the LCD.
with the forum help I have make it work with the first ESP with 1 sensor (and no LCD)

any more thoughts you need for me in order to guide\help me decide?

Thanks ,

You have not provided any details about the sensor so how can we know how many I/O pins it needs. You also need to consider how the LCD would connect and what I/O pins it would require.

An Arduino has more I/O pins than an ESP8266


the IO is less relevant ,
what I wanted to know is about the use of the Arduino and send command to the ESP
is it more complicated to send the AT commands ?

Thanks ,

Using an ESP8266 from an Arduino with AT commands is straightforward.


my opinion:

  • do not use AT commands
  • use only the esp-07
  • use I2C LCD

my opinion:

I would agree with you if we knew how many I/O pins the OP needs and if that number would fit on an ESP8266,



so after I thought about (over night) this is what I want to do:

  • 2 windows sensor (1 Digital Input each).
  • 1 temperature sensor DHT11 (1 Digital Input)
  • 1 i2c LCD (2 Digital Inputs)

the board I’m using is ESP8266-07 .

and I want to use it for 3 things :

  1. a webserver that update the data in every change , so I can access from the internet.
  2. send me a notification whenever I decide (found how to do it in another post - thanks!).
  3. connect a LCD with i2c that will display me messages - this is where I need your help .

I didn’t find how to connect the LCD
will this work if I upload it on the ESP8266? found this here - BAdmin: Setting I2C on ESP8266MOD with ESP 07/12 Breakout

#include <Wire.h>

void setup() {
  int sda=2;// qui SDC del sensore
  int sdc=14;// qui SDA del sensore



Thanks ,

Have you considered an ESP32 and something like myDevices Cayenne to do you SMS and email alerts.

ESP32 will do all your I/O control as well.

Tom... :slight_smile:

I will give it a try
but what about the connection of the I2C lcd?
is the code and the connection above are correct?
this is a bigger issue for me ...

Thanks ,

I’d use reed type alarm sensors that are a simple switch operated by a magnet. You ought to think about input protection/ signal conditioning if the lead lengths are long .

I’d use reed type alarm sensors that are a simple switch operated by a magnet. You ought to think about input protection/ signal conditioning if the lead lengths are long .

Or use opto isolators