Project to read BPM and temperature and send it to Database

Hello, im making a project to read BPM from a Pulse Sensor, Temperature from a DS18B20 sensor and send it to a Database using an Ethernet shield and PHP code.

Im Using Arduino UNO R3
I want that it make just 5 measurements when i connect it.

I dont have the php code yet, im trying to do the arduino part and after that code.

I got an error in my code:

exit status 1
’interruptSetup’ was not declared in this scope

The client.ino and interrupt.ino are attachment cause they exceeds the maximum allowed length

I appreciate any help or guide in this project

client.ino (3.53 KB)

interrupt.ino (5.61 KB)

Why aren't client.ino and interrupt.ino one single .ino file? Why not make one single sketch that incorporates all the necessary code?

Anyway, your error is being thrown because you call the function interruptSetup() in client.ino, but you provide no function definition in client.ino. You do, however, define the function in the interrupt.ino file. You can't just divide up code into different sketches like that.

Save yourself the cost and time.


Uses both sensors and can have a mySQL server installed for local use.

Only a little python code is required.