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Hi everyone, i need some help. It is my first project with Arduino and i'm beginner.
it's not difficult, but I still have some difficulties. I know I need to have an HC-SR04 sensor to calculate the 2m distance. But I don't know how to power the 12v led strip with arduino. From what I've seen I have to use a mosfet, but I don't know how. Thank you!
Make the project of a talking toy, which can take the form of a
animal placed inside a cage, able to interact with people
surrounding in the following way:

when no one is present within a radius of 2 m in front of the cage, the chosen animal
emits a sound every 10 s, to attract attention;

when a person enters within 2 m in front of the cage, the animal performs a
complete turn on itself and say the phrase "clap your hands"; to the clapping of the hands starts
flash a strip of LEDs (12 V power supply) placed around the animal;

point 2 is repeated as long as the person remains at a distance of less than 40 cm, otherwise yes
go back to point 2;

when the person goes out of range of 2 mi LEDs turn off and you go back to step 1.

You can't power a 12V LED strip from an Arduino but you can control a MOSFET that turns the LED strip on and off but it will need to be powered by an external 12V supply

You will find plenty of help on line and in this forum on how to control a MOSFET with an Arduino. Start with a forum search top/right of the screen

I know, I did it but it gives me an error when i put alimentation 12V on a strip led.
The LED does not work due to: The 11.2V supply voltage exceeds the maximum value of 5.50V.
Could you tell me what's wrong? Thank you

Is everything fine with the code perspective ?

I am not able to do the code. At the moment I'm thinking about the hardware part. I have a month to finish this project. it is beautiful and challenging and even if I don't know how to do it I will try until I finish it

Can you name the IC you are using. The image is blurred to identify it

What kind of LED strip are you using?

It looks like smart pixels in your drawing, in which case a MOSFET probably would be part of the solution.

If you have the strip now, tell us the make and model or post a link to it.


I don't do it physically, I only do it via the tinkercad simulation. In Tinkercad i use NeoPixel 4 as Led strip.

OK, that's what I thought.

Just power the NeoPixels with 5 volts, what it wants.

If you are planning to really use a 12 volt strip of regular LEDs you can select that component in Tinkercad, if they have one, or just use one LED to represent what will be a strip. and use a MOSFET to turn it off and in on your model.

But for, er, tinkering, it may not be so good on the solving all the real problems of the hardware part.

Are you planning to use NeoPixels or a plain old fashioned LED strip?

The choice will make a difference both in what you can display with the LEDs and how you handle it in your software.


I would like to use a 12V led strip as a request for the exercise. This is my exam and I want to follow the trail. In any case, if there is no 12v strip on tinkercad, I will simulate it with a led and that's it, as you said. Thanks for the reply

Cant have it both ways.

Can state its a 12v led strip.. when in fact your using a 5v 'Neopixel' strip.

In real life.. there -are- 12v neopixel (WS2812) led strips however..

TinkerCad? Who knows.. thats up to you to find out.

But again.. use the correct terms, and the correct parts... dont mix-match.

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