Project:Trying to create a music Launchpad

Hi guys,

I am trying to create a music launchpad that you press to play and loop music when I press on the push button. The main purpose of this project is that there are many push buttons and I want to make the program to play music or sound effects for as long as I push down on the button.

I have researched for some time now. I have noticed that in order to implement bass sound, or guitar or sound effect, I need to create a music library within Arduino? I know that there is a program called SFML (media program) that I can code in, but I need to do that in Arduino. is it possible for me to extract the music library from that program and put it in the Arduino library?

Thank you in advance!

Basically no. You need some form of hardware add on board to play samples with an Arduino. Like a wav shield or an MP3 player. (If the guy in the video output the music through a speaker, do i still need a wave or mp3 shield?)

i am trying to do what this guy does, so does that mean I need to use mp3 shield to play the media file from the sfml library? I still need to code everything in Arduino right, but I just need a wave shield or mp3 shield to output the music?

Thank you for replying!!!

What a very poor video. I think that his PC is actual playing the samples, it is certainly not the Arduino.

You can get about three seconds of 8 bit samples directly into an Arduino.

then what would be an appropriate way to approach the problem to get the result of by pressing on the push button, it plays and loop the music, and each push button has different kinds of sound effect to it? If i buy the mp3 shield, i still need the library of the sound effects (SFML or midi??) in the Arduino to output the sound.

Thank you for your help!!

Yes you still need the samples or some way of generating the sound like a waveform generator. MIDI has no sound capability it is simply a control protocol.

For this link, the person uses serial midi converter. And the final product is similar to wavy I want to achieve but like a music launchpad with buttons. Why did they use the Apple GarageBand app? How did the sound effect came out?

Why did they use the Apple GarageBand app?

To turn the MIDI control data into sounds.

MIDI in and of itself does not produce sound.

It needs to be fed into a MIDI sound generator to convert the MIDI messages into sounds. You can do this with Garage Band or other such software or you can use a MIDI sound generator like the MU10. But those are considered old hat these days and they don't make them although you can get some excellent bargains on eBay.

Then i will be able to use Midi converter with arduino push button to produce sound effect from GarageBand using that method?

I see a lot of people on line actaully solder and build the launchpad(or i think is called Monome) do you think having mutiple breadboard with push button can replace it??

Thank you!

The monome is not a MIDI device it uses a protocol called OSC. This project is effectively what you want, only the push buttons are reed switches.

There are also three monome projects on that site as well for comparison.