Project using arduino ,mega 2560

hye can i need some help i do final year project which is my title is smart cable faults detection using gps and gsm using microcontroller mega 2560 , is it okay if my block diagram like this

what's the exact question and the need?

if it is a flow diagram, you might need some output :innocent:

the question is can you help me draw the schematic circuit based on this block diagram and is it okay if i using LED as an output ?

As a general rule-of-thumb, forum members do not draw schematics for school projects but we may include small sketches or wiring tips if YOU stumble; translate to you post, WE comment and nudge.

Why GPS? is this cable fault project going to roam until it finds a problem or is the GPS to locate it if stollen? Seriously, write a couple of paragraphs to give us an A-Z summation.

Why 2 GPS? You get a one, get one free?


the GPS to locate some cable who not function , how can i get some wiring tips ?

On top of what @mrburnette said, it depends what type of components you choose and how they interface with your Arduino (Serial, SPI, I2C, ...)

is it okay if i used LED as a output on relay

How can we know ? (a LED usually does not need a relay just a current limiting resistor).

You need to start by better defining exactly what you want to do.

We have no idea what type of cable you are testing, how that cable will be tested, or any other requirements of your project.

Whether or not it is OK to use an LED as an output is up to you and your instructor, unless for some reason you need our permission.

Start one component/sensor at a time:

Say, for the GPS:

Now for the relays:

note: since I did not know what relay(s) you were intending on using, Google kind of threw me a wildcard of junk ... the query needs more info; that is, I need to do some research to find the appropriate relays for what the relays are intended on doing. And, relays generally require some additional driver circuitry.


I think the Op may not have the background to know that the LED requires a current limiting resistor or even how to calculate the value.

Adafruit has a tutorial:

My apologies! I need new glasses but my medical program only allows me 1 free pair a year and at my age, my prescription usually needs to be redone every 6 months!

... I read GSM as "GPS" which is why I asked the silly question, "Why 2 GPS?

... But, now I see my error, I need to ask, "Who you gonna call?"


i want to testing cable underground

i want to reading latitude and longitude coordinates using GPS

Please take some time and review underground cable construction:

Telecom companies, AC electrical utilities, and others invest heavily in specialized test equipment for locating cable faults. Some online research may prove valuable.

GPS don’t work so well underground - they need clear sky view

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