Project V2V Communication Driverless Car

Hello all,

I'm currently doing a project at university looking into adapting V2V communications and sensors to a scaled down version involving two RC cars (~30cm) that are aware of each others position in order to simulate the concept. I was wondering what the best way of communication would be between them, focusing on predicting positions and reacting to that through a control system.

I've looked into a GPS system whereby a rough position is monitored and sent to the other car, perhaps through a Bluetooth module? Would this be adequate or is there a better alternative for this?

Also, one of the cars would have ultrasonic sensors in order to react to the immediate environment, could this in anyway be used to feedback to predicting their positions?


Wireless serial (Bluetooth or other radio modules) should be fine for communicating positions, but useless for predicting positions.

GPS generally does not work indoors and at best you can expect 2 to 3 meters positional accuracy outdoors, so it would not be very useful for vehicle separations of less than that. For indoor positioning, Pozyx gives 10 cm accuracy, but it is expensive.

Ultrasonic rangers are fine for detecting obstacles, but of little use in predicting positions.