Project voice controlled excavator adriuno mega 2560 use

Please anyone can help me with my final year project I am making voice controlled excavator can anyone please provide me a voice controlled code because I have use certain codes it's not working so please I am new to adriuno mega version 2560 so what code is required and wiring diagram for mega 2560

A mega isn't going to be able to do the type of audio processing needed for voice control. You'll need probably a Raspberry Pi for that.

Even your i-phone can't really do voice recognition. It sends the things you say off to a server somewhere else where it is processed and the words are sent back to the phone.

Delta_G is right, the only way an AVR is going to be able to do voice recognition is the same way a phone does it. Record the audio, then send it off to a server, wait for it to get processed and receive the result over a network.

It's possible, but I think you're going to have to get very creative. This goes way beyond just asking for some existing code.

You'll need a WiFi module for the networking, more RAM to temporarily store the audio (The QuadRAM module is nice for the Mega, or just use SPI RAM), and you could use the onboard ADC to record an audio signal at a fixed sample rate on a timer interrupt.

The hard part is going to be setting up a server to receive and process the data.