Project - Will pay for completion

Hi there!

I just recently discovered Arduino and its function. I am no where near ready to build something myself. However, I have a project I would like to pay someone to build for me.

I am a pro-magician. We will be doing a séance type show. I would like a device that makes a rod move forward and push something. For example, this device would be hidden on a bookshelf. With a push of a button this rod would move forward and push a book of the shelf and then retract back to where it came from. I would secure whatever housing the electronics and rod would come from. This device would have to be strong enough to push a book (think heavy dictionary). I'm not concerned whether you use servos, solenoids, motors etc. I just want it to be dependable and strong. Ideally, I would like 4 of them, all hooked up to a 4 button remote whereas each button controls each device. Willing to pay the right person to complete this job. If you are interested, please provide me with a quote and a turnaround time.

If things work out well, there will be more small projects in the future.


I'm not interested, but for the benefit of others who may be, what level of noise is acceptable?

I am interested, but i have a few question. How big/small can these devices be , what is the length of travel of the "rod". What distance are you wanting the remote to work over , how small should the remote be.

Check out a few of the other projects that I have worked on on my website If you think i can help you drop me a PM or an email and we can chat some more.

Cheers Pete.

what level of noise is acceptable?

Noise levels are not a concern because it will be masked by background music and sound effects.

How big/small can these devices be , what is the length of travel of the "rod". What distance are you wanting the remote to work over , how small should the remote be.

Hi Pete. The longer the length of travel the better. If it could travel 3" that would be wonderful. The remote distance doesn't have to extend past 50 feet. The remote size is irrelevant, however a car remote starter size would be ideal.

OK so we are looking at the remote being quite small especial if you want 4 buttons on it. There are quite a few key fobs out there which are designed for the hobbies market that we can use for this.

The receivers from Adafruit like these Simple RF M4 Receiver - 315MHz Momentary Type : ID 1096 : $4.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits 4 units at $4.95

Using a remote control like this Keyfob 4-Button RF Remote Control - 315MHz : ID 1095 : $6.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits at $6.95

The electronics and firmware are not too difficult to create most of it already done by the Adafruit remote and receivers but the mechanics of moving a rod 3 inches with a reasonable amount of power to move a book etc are more challenging.

I will do a bit more fishing for you.

What is your budget/timescale for this. Feel free to send me a PM if you dont want this public.

Cheers Pete.


Project sounds great.
I'm ready to take it up, would need a few details but I'm sure that could be discussed further once we've reached a settlement. Regarding what should be used, are u fine with using pneumatic cylinders? Its an expensive option, but extremely robust and rigid.

Hidden isn't hard to do, but undetectable to nearly invisible isn't easy. It's hard to add a mechanical device that someone won't see by simply looking at the shelf. The trick is to make the mechanical -nearly- invisible, that would be visible only in clear light.

You said seance type 'show.' Is this a -permanent- installation or must it be portable?

If permanent then much easier, but requires going -though- the wall and fitting the mechanicals inside the wall.

If portable then shelf and boxes of books weigh a ton, and the back of the shelf is visible and makes it much harder to hide anything. It'd be -extremely- difficult to hide the mechanicals -inside- the flat shelf, but that's about the only place left.

Need more details about -exactly- what you need, configuration of shelf and such.

Does it have to be a real book? If not you can place all the mechanism inside a fake one and push/pull against a fixture at the back of the book shelf. That will not require any access to the rear, drilling of holes etc and will be 100% hidden.

Of course if the object is to allow you to then remove and use the book that's a different story.

This is why people need to know everything about a project.