project with a pumpkin! help!

:grin:Hi everybody, im a newbie with arduino, i just begin to gigging on that :sweat_smile:

So i have an halloween project with my arduino the concept, i want to put a punch cocktail in a pumpkin and having a pipes and a handle that can open or close de flow of the cocktail, that pretty simple. here de difficultie: I want to record a vomiting sound that can play each time a person will pull down the handle! result is a puicking pumkin. I was think to a IR barrier to act like a triggering signal. But i dont know if its possible for the arduino to return an audio signal to a little speaker when the captor is trigger... :roll_eyes: What can i do to programm that, any suggestion?

thanks in advance!! :)

You want something like an ISD1820 which can record a few seconds of audio, and play it back. I've bought this one, but so far, I haven't actually used it other than a test:

Note, this ia 3.3v device. You would need to make sure the VDD and control signals are no more than 3.3v. My main board is a Teensy 3.0, so the voltage isn't an issue for me.

This link is a method to play sound files on an Arduino from a SD card:

This link shows how to make your own musical greeting card, that probably won't do vomit sounds, but you might be able to get the notes for a halloween tune:

You can pick up wave/mp3 shields from various sellers.

Radio Shack used to sell the Seeedstudios music shield, but it is no longer in their catalog. But individual stores may still have it in stock. Those shields had a reputation that they were picky about the SD card they would read from (nothing more than 1 or 2GB, and newer cards seem to have a problem).

Obviously since Halloween is a week from Thursday, you need to get moving if you are going to get any delivery in time for this year's Halloween.