Project with high resolution camera

Hello forum,

I am working on a project which involves an Arduino as the main “brain”, as well as a camera which will send pictures to a smartphone when requested. I have done some research but I wanted some more clarity on the technologies involved and perhaps some guidance on what the best way to proceed is. Please keep in mind that the application relies heavily on size, so solutions like arducam are too big.

I realize that the Arduino is way too underpowered to deal with camera data, on a high level I was imagining an Arduino with another chip which can handle the camera, both sharing a wifi connection and using it as necessary. So for example smartphone sends command to Arduino to take picture, Arduino tells chip B to take the picture, chip B uses same wifi signal to then send the picture back to smartphone (which the Arduino ignores for the duration of the transmission).

I have been looking at omnivision sensors and their size is perfect, basically smartphone size cameras which is exactly what I had in mind and they are ideal for my project. My big question is how in the world do I interface with them? So say I have a module like this, how can I read picture data from it and send it over a wifi connection? Ideally I wanted to find a nice little board that I could just plug the camera module into, and it would give me a serial output, or better yet an mcu that can read the data and send it over a wifi connection.

I’m still learning a lot about this stuff so please excuse me if I’m ignorant of anything obvious. Thank you

I'd look for a board with a powerful processor, that can connect to the camera chip and to wifi. Then program that chip as required, I see no use for an additional Arduino then.

WRT size consider the required power supply (battery?) and lens. I'd look for a complete action cam or the like, containing all required parts.

Not a project for an Arduino more of a Raspberry Pi sort of project.

Thanks for your replies guys. I was worried that this would be the case and I would have to switch to a more powerful mcu, however this seems like the best option so that is what I will do. Thank you for your help and suggestions :slight_smile: