Project with servo

Hello, Right now with my skills its very dificult for me to program a part of the project im doing and i need help. I have one servo motor sg90, a keypad 3x4 and a display 2x16 and what i want is: When i press 1234 the servo open 30 degrees and the numbers appear in the display, 2 seconds more less, later appear in the display that the code was right if i press for example 1111 the servo wouldnt move and it would appear in the display that the code was wrong. Can someone help me? Thank you very much for your attention

Can someone help me?

Sure. Post what you tried, and explain what it does that you don't want, or what it does not do that you do want.

Getting data from the keypad is trivial. Storing the data in an array is trivial. Comparing the array to a another array is trivial. Moving a servo is trivial. Displaying data on an LCD is trivial. The key is doing all these trivial things properly, and doing them in the right order.

I did a search for "arduino servo password unlock" and came up with many hits that might help you.

The thing is… I deleted everythink because nothing worked. I spent 3h on the code and 1 searching for answers. It´s frustrating and because of that i deleted everythink.
Right now the only code i have is the first part of my project but that is funcional and has nothing to do with this part.
I dont have any degree or something in anything this type, i just like this things and i tried to do somethink at home alone.

It can be frustrating, especially if you are trying to do it all in one step. Break it down into smaller steps.

First, try out the servo sweep tutorial. Confirm that you have the servo wired properly and that you can get it to move where you want from code.

Second, unplug the servo and work on the keypad. Can you get the serial monitor to display 1234 when you type 1234?

Third, unplug the keyboard and try the display. Can you get it to display text from your sketch?

Finally, start working on combining these steps into a single sketch.

Try it out. Let us know how it goes. If you get stuck, we will be glad to help. Post your code using code tags, explain what you expected. Then explain what actually happened that is different that what you expected.

JoaoP: The thing is... I deleted everythink because nothing worked. I spent 3h on the code and 1 searching for answers.

Don't delete ANYTHING. Save everything. At the worst in a while it will remind you of how much better you are than when you first wrote it. Just think how mad you'd be if you'd been working on something for 4 hours and the computer just threw it away. And you just did that to yourself.

Anyway next time it will probably take you about half an hour to get to the same stage. Give it your best shot and post it here. Then we can help get it working.


Then we can help get it working.

At the very least, you'll need to provide a LOT more information. Which wires on the keypad are row wires? Which are column wires? Which pins on the Arduino are the row wires to connect to? Which are the column wires to connect to?

When you have that data, we'll have a bunch more questions.

As you can probably guess, no one can write code for you without knowing that information. Testing the hardware is simple. Load one of the Keypad library examples, and open the serial monitor app. Press some keys; see some results.

Once that works, we can (help you) tackle the next part - storing the key presses.