Projector Control


I am new to this and I want some advice with how you would create a wall mounted control box for turning on a off a data projector. Any advice is appreciated. The projector would be located in a large meeting area and the remote signal is to weak to reach the project and people also like to walk off with remote so that is what is making me want to build this control box with Arduino hardware.

Thanks in advance.

So, what do you want? Do you want a different kind of wireless remote, or do you want a wired remote so nobody can walk off with the transmitter?

If you want a wired remote on/off switch you shouldn't need an Adruino. All you need is a switch wired in-line with the power. Something like [u]this[/u] or you could put a regular wall-outlet and wall-switch into an electrical box with a plug-in cord (a box that normally gets mounted in the wall). Or a switch in one box and an outlet in another, etc.

If turning in & off the AC power doesn't work with this projector, you might have to "hack into" it and wire a relay across the on/off switch. Then you can control the relay with another switch. Y(u can get relays with line voltage coils, or lower-voltage coils that would require a transformer or power supply, but would be "safer".)

DVDdoug thanks for the reply. What I was thinking was to use the r232 control port in the project. I could always buy something from creston for $$$ but I was thinking something could be done with arguing for much less and would be fun and a great learning experience. I hope that explain what I am wanting a little better.

You can use a IR repeater, that would sit midway between you and the projector. Upon receiving any code from the remote control on a IR Sensor, it would simply repeat (relay) the same code (through a IR Led) towards the projector.

If you know the code to turn the projector on/off, you can have a button on the device above to send the on/off code to the projector, without the need for a remote.

Doing this is much simpler in terms of infra-structure than dealing with RS232 and long cables going through the presentation room.

For this project, even a very simple AVR (like the Atmega8, 48 or 88) can do the job. An Atmega328P is overkill.

For the parts you'd need: a IR receiver, like Vishay TSOP1738 a IR Led (you'd have to find out if your existing remote uses narrow or wide beam) a few resistors and capacitors 1-2 buttons

I don't think all the parts above would cost more than US$ 5 + an Arduino.

If you want to use the 232 port you will have to figure out what data to send. That would be the hard part. Another option would be using this library and just replicating the existing remote. You can then mount the transmitter permanently

Actually, you get a wall-mount electrical box of the appropriate size, and you put the remote in it with a cut-out to expose the buttons.