Projects for a class series

I’m running a series of classes in my school (I’m a student studying there) and I don’t know quite what to do as some projects. Last year we were hoping to build a ardupilot plane but that took to long with the rather limited sessions. The class was also too small. This year I would like to take about 8 people with a budget of around £400 ($600~). Some small section projects (LEDs, servos etc) and move onto a finished board or some such thing. Many thanks for your help/suggestions in advance

In the playground section there is some information on class curriculums. May not be example what you are looking for, but a resource to look through.

Here is an idea I heard about from a local robotics class. Their idea was to design an automated “sign printer.” Using gears and Lego pieces, they created an arm (using a Sharpie) that would write out letters.

Thanks. I think the people in the class would mostly also need an introduction into electronics, some of which the school provides. I want to make the finished thing small/cheap so each person/group can make one and take it home and therefore preferably a problem which can be solved in many different ways. I like the idea of the printer thing… We also have access to standard Al-strip tools and drills/saws etc as well as a laser cutter and possibly a CNC machine (if its ever used). We are very lucky but lack good teaching for the keener people. :slight_smile:

line follower robot?

simple, and anyone into robotics has to build at least one…

either that or a simple “move around not hitting walls” robot?