ProMini with G. Bunzas Accessory DCC control of servos and leds. PB switches???

I am NOT a programmer in C++ and minimally understand what a program is doing, I need help with the programming.

I am using multiple Arduino Pro Minis that use Geoff Bunzas Accessory Decoder sketch (modifed) to control 8 turnout servos and 8 position indicator LED’s. This is working on my DCC system using switch commands. I would like to incorporate push button switches to throw turnouts manually without breaking DCC control. Feedback to the system is not required (yet).

I have posted a modified version of the sketch using 5 servos and 5 LEDs outputs.

Where and what would I place in the program to get switch press data (pin 5) into the mix to do the same thing as the SW001 {closed or thrown) command?

All comments appreciated. (3.38 KB)

I want to remove the attachment and add another. How do I do it?

Click More then Modify (lower right corner of each post) then Attachments and other options then the checkmark next to the file you want to remove.

The previous post now has the correct file I want to use.