Promini with LoRa rfm95 need help with lora sleep and wake up

hi there i have a lora module attached to arduino promini

when i use Lora.sleep();
i can not get it to receive again without switching it off and back on again

i can send to promini to low.power mode and back again all works fine
but as soon as i add LoRa.sleep power consumption drops but i cant get it to receive again
i send it in and out of low power every 8 seconds

happy to post code if you need it but hoping somone just knows what it needs

thanks for reading

Try to do lora.begin after wakeup. If you post your code I will test it on an ESP32/rfm95 and see if it will work.

Post your code, so the forum knows which LoRa library you are using.

Good idea to post your connections too and is it a 5V or 3.3V Pro Mini ?

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