Prop sound chip interface

I have a sound chip I’d like to interface with an arduino device for a prop. can anyone suggest a proper shield for that, preferably that doesn’t take up a lot of pins?

Well, you know there are various chips out there that do sound. It is hard to make recomendations without knowing what microprocessor you are using, and what sound chip you want to use. If it is just a chip with through hole soldering and you are using an Uno, you can get shields that have prototype areas on them that you could solder the board to it, such as:

I will mention that you probably want to secure your chip with soldering to a protoboard, and not use a breadboard. It has been my experience that wires in a breadboard come undone when used in a costume over a day’s time as you move about. Of course you do want to do a good job of soldering as well, because I’ve had weak solder joints also break (speaking of which, I need to re-solder the neopixels and Gemma in my steampunk goggles, since they came apart the last time I tried using the goggles).

You do know that there are hundreds of sound chips with almost as many ways of interfacing them.
So tell us what chip you have and we can be helpful. Keep it to yourself and we can't.

preferably that doesn't take up a lot of pins?

That's really "chip" dependent.
I2C - need 2 pins
SPI - need 3-4 pins
Serial control of another module to play sound files - 1 pin:

This is the chip I was thinking about, he supplies a breakout board, and it requires "grounding" the chip according to what he said but I don't know much else Login -

That link doesn't work . It is the Login screen for a website.

and it requires "grounding"

Every chip there ever was requires a ground connection.

How do you ground a potato chip?

How do you ground a potato chip?

Lock it in its room.