Propane Grill Temp Sensors?

Hello everybody, I am trying to do some research on the correct type of sensor & cabling to use for an arduino controlled grill. Before I spend money, time & energy trying to tackle this project full force, I want to take some temperature measurements to see how the grill is performing & get a baseline.

Basically, I want to attach a few sensors, and do some grilling to to get a histogram timeline of how hot everything is running.

My question is, what type of sensor & wire is suitable for being placed INSIDE the grill itself? Ideally I’d like to mount a few sensors inf the following places

  • On the top of the grill cover
  • On the grill surface
  • Below the grill closer to the burners
    I am having trouble locating information to pick out the best sensors and wiring. I think the temperature range of the grill maxes out between 300 and 500 degrees. Anybody try something like this or know of sensors/probes/cabling that would be a good fit?

Your best bet will probably be a thermocouple of some sort (for instance, especially when the temperature can be as high as 500 degrees.

The below might be what you need.

these are made specifically for your task and work nicely. maverick high temp probes

22k resistor & 5v are all thats needed.

this thread has code for interfacing probes with arduino