Proper devices for assembly


I'm beginner with Arduino and Controllers at all, so I need your practical advice to choose proper devices for assembly

I have application with several input/outputs for second controls

  1. Video camera to receive video data
  2. Control of several servos, bipolar steppers
  3. Receive data from distance measuring ranging transducer sensor
  4. 8 ohm loudspeaker to send audio signal from computer
  5. Wireless remote control from computer, so seems like I need some kind of USB wireless transmission
  6. Also I need several microphones to receive audio, each as separate channel input, so seems like I need some kind of multi channel mixer control, not sure how it is possible especially in case if I want wireless control to receive data from channels (at the moment it receives date with wired connection from mixer channels directly into sound card for for real time analysis processing), some experience on this direction would be helpful

I'm not sure which controller is proper for this case, maybe mega micro controller or any additional devices. It would be very useful to find some good guide or real life experience advice to figure out with all basic needs for such assemble

For audio and video you need a PC, at least a RasPi.


For audio and video you need a PC, at least a RasPi.


if I need to use Raspberry Pi to get multi channel audio, why I need it for video if my processing just with received data, or because it is remote control? Not sure

For receiving video data a big RAM and DMA is required.