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I would like for someone to look over my code and make any suggestions for improvement. The code works great but I am just a beginner and I would love some input/corrections. May I post it and if so Which forum would be the best? It is a simple program reading pots and controlling switches.

Thank you so much for your patience.

Post it here and ask for any suggestions to improve it. Describe what it does and the hardware and power supply used. A circuit diagram, even if only hand drawn and photographed, can be helpful.

Be warned that you may get some sharp comments but they will be made in an effort to help you improve the program and hence any future programs that you write.

You may get directed to learn some things. Those things will save you loads of time in future as well as improve what you got now.

Learn starting with working examples (already in your IDE) and messing around with them, even what breaks the code will teach through fixing so have no fear to break!

Once you learn the new thing well enough to be confident, use it on your original code and maybe learn something extra there. This path will always have you improving yourself along with your code.

The forum has a dedicated Programming Questions section :slight_smile:

The forum has a dedicated Programming Questions section :slight_smile:

Which is where the OP originally posted the question. AWOL moved it here

Thank you everyone for the help!!!

Someone needs to show how to use code tags, I've forgotten how though I did try.....