Proper way splitting MIDI out to multiple receivers?

I’m quite new…
I have 5 Arduinos with MIDI “IN” circuits on each of them (thanks to
These are pretty working when individually tested with pc.

Now, I need to split the ‘source’ from my MIDI Out (pc) interface to send to my 5 Arduinos MIDI-INs.
Kinda ‘break-out’ box with one midi-in, and 5 midi-outs.

Should i just solder the pin5 to pin 5, pin 4 to pin 4, and so on…
Or do i need a resistor of what amount of ohm?


MIDI is nominally a current loop. So you could put several outputs in series and they would all get the same current. However the MIDI driver may not have enough voltage to drive as many as 5.

I'd try parallel first: 5 to 5, 4 to 4 etc.

thanks for the response.

I realize i have to add more nodes, this time will be more than 5 nodes, how can i compensate to ensure voltage supply is sufficient to all?

Then a buffer would be the right choice. Basically an amplifier that doesn't amplify voltage but can provide more output current for many inputs in parallel.

A high-speed digital buffer is not required, since the MIDI signal is relatively slow compared to the gigahertz signals that can be found in modern interfaces.

But the best way to know is to try it for yourself. I would be surprised if you couldn't get 10 in parallel without doing anything special.