Property not setting properly

I've noticed this several times over the last few days, when I try to create a property, the system saves (and generates code for) different values than I specified in the form. See the two screen shots.

Hi! First of all, thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

From what I can see from the screenshots, I understand you tried to create a property named "Prop2" that updates every 10 seconds, but when you click on the CREATE button and go to the properties list view, it happened that "Prop2" seemed to be updating every 0 seconds. Am I correct?

Could you please give more details about how to reproduce this problem?

Did you try to refresh the page and see if the value is still 0?

If you go to the related sketch after adding the property, what is the content of the file cloudProperties.h?

yes, that's correct - isn't that clear from the screen shots? that's why I took a screen shot of both pages, one showing what I selected in the form and the next showing what happens when I clicked create. What else could it possibly be?

yes, I reloaded the form, that doesn't change anything.

yes, the cloudproperties.h file reflects the 0, not the 10 I expect:

float Prop1;
float Prop2;

void initProperties(){
ArduinoCloud.addProperty(Prop1, READ, 10 * SECONDS, NULL);
ArduinoCloud.addProperty(Prop2, READ, 0 * SECONDS, NULL);

Hello @johnwargo, this has been forwarded to the dev team and they are working on it.

As a temporary workaround you can manually edit the cloudProperties.h file. This is not the best option as will be rewritten if you delete or create a property, but works for a quick fix.

Sorry for the troubles!