Proplem in arduino nano

hi guys arduino nano i pluged it in my pc it light a small light and my computer doesnt feel the arduino i dont know what to do

Are you using a genuine UNO or a clone - some clones need additional drivers installed ( CH340).
Are you using a data type USB cable - some leads are charger only.

my usb has been working
but now it doesnt //////my computer doesnt feel the arduino nano

Ok. Can you post a picture of what the Arduino looks like?

when i suplly the ardunio with external power with the computer power goes off and the computer fells it but it even doesnt upload codes

I got your back. So to speak. go to wait for it to download the driver then install them. It will work after that.

which file do i
choice to be the driver

Run the one called:

click Yes when the thing pops up.
Then push install.

ok it is safe

Yes I did this myself many times.

its not working

Ok. What happened?

my computer doesnt feel the arduino even when i uploaded your driver

What does feel mean? Do you mean it does not make a noise when you plug it in?

yes i mean this

Ok. can you send me a picture of the bottom of your arduino?

it light but pc doesnt feel it

you think its chinese

Is the light blinking?