Propotional valve for hydraulics

Hello boys and gals!

Im just trying to understand the fundamentals of a valve that i’m trying to control using Arduino. I’ve attached the datasheet for the valve. It’s for a hydraulic system.
So the valve has 3 connections. Two (Coil 1 & Coil 2) for direction and one for proportional movement. For the proportional movement it needs 2 pins with voltage regulation of 0-10V.

So have i understood the following correctly?

Example 1:
Piston A
Coil 1 - Pin 4
Coil 2 - Pin 5

If both pins are low for piston A it doesn’t move. If i put for example pin 4 to HIGH, piston A retracts. Ie Pin 4 LOW and pin 5 HIGH results in piston A extending.

Is it correct that the coils can handle about 9,2-10v?
I calculated the following from the datasheet
Power consumption 25VA / maximum magnetic power 2,7A = 9,2V

i’ve been looking to buy a plc:

Whats nice about that controller is that it has 2 analog outputs 0-10v, will it be sufficient to drive the proportional coil?
As it is 24v on the digital pins i have to use some kind of voltage stepdown after the digital output for the coils that aren’t proportional (Coil 1 & Coil 2). Will this work or am i barking up the wrong tree?

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Please provide a device manufacturer and complete part number for the valve so that we may view the entire datasheet.

Mecman (Bosch Rexroth) 0811404100

I found this datasheet but i seems that the specs doesn't really match. The valves I have are really old btw!


Sorry for the sloppy questions but I'm learning as i go!

The setup right now is: 1 piston 1 valve (Mecman (Bosch Rexroth) 0811404100) 1 proportional amplifer (Bosch 0811405010, Bosch Proportional Amplifier Board Drv NG6) 1 1-axis pot joystick

The goal is to make it move automatic without any user input. Maybe the simplest way is to remove the joystick and replace it with a microcontroller?