Propotional valve.

I´m trying to figure out how to control some proportional valves with arduino.
I´m thinking of use two joysticks to control my eight valves… The biggest question is how i i´m gonna gett the code right for my valves…
How do i get my arduino to work with the right frequent(Hz)?
The valves that i have is 12v…

Specs for the valves

Max Pressure (P, T) pP = 50 bar, pT = 30 bar
Hysteresis (w/ PWM) < 0.4 bar (pA=20)
< 0.5 bar (pA=25)
< 0.7 bar (pA=32)

Valve Specifications According to Thomas LHP-39
Electrical Data
Voltage 12V 24V
Resolution 1500 mA
Resistance 4.72 Ω ± 5%
Current Consumption (idle) 24 mA (12V)

Type of Control Current Control
PWM 100 Hz Recommended

Valves PPCD04-NGPPRV.pdf (646 KB)

Changing the frequency of PWM is simple. Google it. You just have to set the prescalers and top on the clock to the right values. It's a bit of math but nothing hard.

The Arduino can't do anything with 12V so you'll have to use a mosfet or something to act as the switch for the valve. Be sure you get something that is logic level so it comes fully on at less than 5V.