Propotional Valves Help

Dear everyone

I am new to the forum, Arduino and this topic in general but I am having a problem and we all have to start somewhere, so I start by asking for help to anyone that knows and cares about helping me.

I have an Hydraulic machine ( simulator) that uses 3x Proportional Atos valves to control some actuators.
The proportional valve allows control of speed and direction of the actuator.

The valves are composed by an electronic part and a mechanical part.

The mechanical part is working well on all three valves, however the electronics are dead on two of the valves.

I intend to replace the electronics of all three valves with an Arduino control, so in other words I need a PCB that bridges between the Arduino and the solenoids on my valves.

My valves are very clever and also have feedback coming from the valve, but I am not bothered in using that information ifI don't have to...

Can someone help, point me in the right direction of wants to take this on a freelance type project?

I have some level of urgency on this so if anyone can help me I would be forever grateful.

Kind Regards and thank you for reading.


Much much more detail required on the valves and their solenoids.
Exactly what "electronics" are not working

Welcome to the forum.

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Can you post a picture of your valves and control board and any part numbers that may be on them?

Thanks... Tom... :slight_smile: