Propperly adding a library???? am i missing something?

Ok, first off i know that this has to be an all time stupid question, but I just spent the last 2 hours serching this forum and google etc trying to get an answer and all i get are links to libraries, not a detailed instruction set of how to (propperly) add one to the 1.0 IDE.

So, here is my problem, I have been playing with and using several arduino boards for a few months now, A uno, uno r3 and a mega.

I can load sketches and modify them with little problems etc.


So now I want to expand a few projects and use other libraries that did not come with Arduino 1.0.
I find a great scetch and related library on a third party web site, find a ZIP file that contains the code and library, and I then try to unzip it to a folder in the Arduino 1.0 program. Usually the unzipped folder has one or more "x.h" files, one or more "x.cpp" files an "x.ide" file etc.
if i understand correctly, a ".h" is a library file the ".ide" is the sketch.

My problem is that I try to use these sketches and libraries and i get nothing but loads of compile errors. I create and nams a new file in the library folder in 1.0, put all the .h and .cpp files in it. create a new folder in the examples folder and put the .ide in it but no good.

I have read at least one post that indicated copying and pasting files into the IDE was a bad idea but did not say what was a good idea.....

Since all of the code/libraries are in a single zip file how do i do this propperly so that the IDE will be able to use it?

This seems like such a simple and often done thing i feel like a an idiot for not being able to figure it out but whatever i am doing wrong, if its not part of the origional IDE i cant get anything but compile error after compile error.

Is there a comprehensive guide somewhere (for dummies with big pictures and small words) I can get a 7 year old to read and interprate for me so that i can use some of the numerous other libraries out there.

Thanks Joe

if you have the library x with files x.h, x.cpp and example x_e.ino you put them in:


Note that the folder containing the library has the same name as the main .h file.
Note that the sub-folder containing the example has the same name as the example .ino.

.pde changed to .ino in 1.0

The example will show up in the IDE as: