Protect LCD from balls being thrown at it

Hey guys,

so I'm considering adding eyes to a ball playing robot. The robot uses its head to hit the ball, so the LCD displays would be regularly hit by a medium force. The head has the shape of a sphere and is made out of styrofoam, so I would cut a hole and add the LCDs behind the foam (maybe I'll consider another way of attaching it if this wont work out).

Say I'd use an LCD like Adafruit's 1.44" Color TFT LCD (Adafruit 1.44 Color TFT LCD Display with MicroSD Card breakout [ST7735R] : ID 2088 : $14.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits) and I'd throw a ball that's rather softly inflated and smaller than a regular football ball with normal force at the head and it hits the area that's very close to the eyes, would this LCD manage to not break? And would it stay intact after taking a bunch of these hits?

I know it's a hard call, but I have no idea how easy these small LCDs break and maybe one of you has some experience regarding this issue.
Also, should I add a protective layer in front of the hole, like a transparent plastic plate, or does it not matter?

Greetings and thank you!

I thin k it is pretty self-evident that in this circumstance, you need to provide an artificial "cornea" - a plastic panel of acrylic or polycarbonate. :roll_eyes:

Most of the time, a soft ball will do no harm, but then ...